History of Burnaby MPs

Since 2011, I’ve had the honour of serving our community as your Member of Parliament.

I am proud to say that the NDP in Burnaby has had a long history of delivering results. In 1962, Tommy Douglas – the father of public Medicare, the founder of the NDP, and the “Greatest Canadian” – was first elected as an NDP MP right here in Burnaby.  

Tommy Douglas in his Ottawa office.

But our rich tradition doesn’t end there.

In 1979, the people of Burnaby elected Svend Robinson, the first openly gay MP in Canadian history. Svend, who was re-elected for seven consecutive terms, always fought for what he believed was right and just.

Svend Robinson

Following Svend, Burnaby elected Bill Siksay, a tireless community advocate who worked to end discrimination in all its forms.

Bill Siksay speaks to reporters in Ottawa.
Today, I am honoured to serve the residents of Burnaby alongside MP Peter Julian, MLAs Jane Shin, Kathy Corrigan & Raj Chouhan, and Mayor Derek Corrigan. Together we can make Burnaby even better!

Kennedy with Burnaby's Mayor, MLAs, and city councillors. Peter Julian, MP for Burnaby-New West, is also pictured.